Outdoor Landscape Lighting

residentialDesigning the perfect residential lighting look is a blend of both art and science. We begin by listening to the client to understand their needs, where and how they entertain, and how much or how little lighting they desire. We then create a design using their input as well as our on-site assessment of their property.

A lighting design is generated, a proposal is offered, and typically, another meeting takes place to confirm any changes and finalize all details. We will recommend fixtures best suited for the space, and explain light colors, beam angles, and an intensity level that meets your goals.

After the final installation, we often recommend an on-going maintenance program. This is particularly important where there are irrigation systems that deposit lime and scale onto the lenses, or when there is landscaping nearby that will grow and affect the light. Our systems are designed to last a lifetime, but for optimum performance, an annual or semi-annual maintenance program is the perfect complement for a worry-free lighting installation. Please ask us for details.

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